Announcement of the Open EmailChessPoint League for teams of 4

Dear chess friends,

The EmailChessPoint opens the Open EmailChessPoint-Liga for teams of 4 and invites all chess players. They will play in teams of 4 or more players. In each team each player plays against 1 player of each team of his group.

Registration deadline is September 30th of every year. A proper registration requires the notification of the team with its players, their email addresses, the order of the players and the team captain. The team captain may be a member of the team, but does not have to be. He may not be a player or team captain of another team of the Open EmailChessPoint League for teams of 4.

There are always 4 players of a team playing. It does not have to be the same 4 players in every match, as long as the order is kept.

Players may change teams or withdraw from the league before each new season. Teams may accept new players, change the order of the players and change the team captain.

The teams play the EmailChessPoint Team Champion every year in the 1st league, for the first time in the season 2020/21. In the season 2019/20 groups of 5 to 6 teams play to find the participating teams of the 1st league of the season 2020/21. Participating but not qualified teams will play in the 2nd league in the season 2020/21. Newly registered teams will play in the 2nd league in the 2020/21 season or in the 3rd league if formed.

The start mails will be sent in the days after the registration deadline. The effects of the placement for the next season (promotion, relegation, etc.) will be announced on that occasion. Tournament start in the sense of the game and tournament regulations will be 1 week later.

The EmailChessPoint game and tournament rules apply with the proviso that games not completed on August 31 will be broken off and abandoned.

With friendly correspondence chess greetings,
Kurt Schwenger

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